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I have led a number of factors combined to gain access to the tourism industry this position among its peers from industries in Egypt, as blessed tenets of natural awarded by a situation in a competitive unique on the world tourism map as well as the fact that Egypt, the cradle of the oldest civilizations known to human history, which left behind a rich heritage with a unique combination rush by lovers of cultural tourism and tourism impacts.
It is also in Egypt are currently working to diversify tourism products and the development of new types of tourism meet all the needs and satisfy all tastes, which helps to maintain Egypt's share of international tourism and even the invasion of new markets as leading to the growth rates steady and unprecedented. Moreover, Egypt witnessed in the last two decades of tourism development on a large scale in a number of unique tourist attractions, which supported the metadata structure of the energy accommodation, which is now poised to receive more than two hundred thousand tourists.

Therefore, Egypt and the separation of the fullness of their favorable climate for the exercise of tourist activity throughout the four seasons and is characterized by the diversity of tourism product, it is an integrated tourist destination. Based on a broad base of stocks historical and cultural heritage and the multiplicity of natural elements, environmental, technical and cultural richness, became the image perception of Egypt as a tourist destination today different from what it has been for many years. No longer Egypt just a kiss, which are accessible to those interested in tourism impacts, but also widened the circle of activity tourism to include the tourism beaches by allowing activity diving and all types of activities and water sports; Medical Tourism; deserts and safari; eco-tourism; tourism residence; Tourism Conferences; golf tourism; sports tourism; Tourism Festivals Tourism; shopping; Nile cruises; religious tourism; leisure and tourism family; fishing and wildlife.




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New express speedboat diving in Tiran22 /01/ 2012

Now divers may reach the world-famous coral reefs of the Straits of Tiran in Sharm El Sheikh in less than 20 minutes via our new express speedboat service.


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